[ Project Managemant ]
Bands: Angels & Agony, Boytronic, Camouflage, Covenant, Dive/Sonar, Project Pitchfork, Pzycho Bitch, VNV Nation, Wolfsheim, Zeromancer, [:S.I.T.D:]
Kontakt: http://www.project-music.de/
[ Contribe ]

Bands: Conetik, Diary of Dreams, Insekt, In Strict Confidence, Lights of Euphoria, Monolith, NamNamBulu, Robert Görl, Suicide Commando, This Morn Omina, Umbra et Imago
Kontakt: http://www.contribe.de/
[ Pluswelt Promotion ]

Bands: Apoptygma Berzerk, Beborn Beton, Clan of Cymox, Combichrist, De/Vision, Diorama, Girls Under Glass, Grendel, Icon of Coil, Iris, MESH, Mono Inc., Tito and Tarantula, Visage, XPQ 21
Kontakt: http://www.pluswelt.de/
[ Endless Promotion ]

Bands: Angel Theory, Armageddon Dildos, Cyber Axis, The Fair Sex, I. Synthesist, The Invincible Sex, The Inivincible Spirit, Jesus Complex, Masiv in Mensch, Neon Dream, Psyche, Project X, Steril
Kontakt: http://www.endless-promotion.de/
[ Extratours ]

Bands: u. a. Bloddflowerz, die apokalyptischen Reiter, Die Happy, Faun, In Extremo, Joke Jay, Lacrimas Porfundere, Megaherz, Mila Mar, Nik Page, Potentia Animi, Qntal, Regicide
Kontakt: http://www.extratours-konzertbuero.de/