METALLICA .."Death Magnetic"....[ O2 World Arena, Berlin 12.09.2008 ]

On the 12th of September 2008 METALLICA entered the stage of the new O2 World Arena in Berlin to play for their fans and for a heart-lunge-machine, that was donated to the Charitè of Berlin! The reason was a simply one: On the same day the new album “Death Magnetic” was published. The band wanted to celebrate this release with their fans and of course they succeeded this. For us it was a reason as well to travel to Berlin, just to report for you about the concert. [ Galerie ]


With „Death Magnetic“ the first album of METALLICA with their „new“ base player Robert Trujillo was released. In the process of “St. Anger” it was the producer Rob Rock of that time who played the base guitar. But also him was replaced by Rick Rubin who already worked for RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, SYSTEM OF A DOWN and SLIPKNOT, and that was audible good for the new album. Yes, METALLICA are finally back! And how could you celebrate that better than with a cd-release party!? Furthermore the new, modern O2 World Arena was just finished in Berlin and of course it should be inaugurated with a worthy event. So it was possible to kill two birds with one stone. We took a longer way to Berlin to arrive shortly before 6 pm at the bombastic hall that opened its doors around 7.30 pm. There couldn´t have been any better event to inaugurate the multifunctional arena – of course sold out – where 17.000 fitted in! The complete proceeds – one tickets cost only 10 euros and was only available on the fanclub`s website as well as on the website of the project “Mission: Metallica” – was donated to the Heartcentre of Berlin, so that they could finance a heart-lunge-machine for little children.


So the basic conditions were really exemplary. Unfortunately the band let us wait before the show finally began. The start of the concert was actually planned for 8 pm, but the “Four Horsemen” hadn´t been then in perfect mood yet. But around 9.30 pm the show finally began: The annoying advertising stopped and we could hear „The Ecstasy Of Gold“ by Ennio Morricone from „The Good, The Bad And The Ugly“. For already a couple of years the band enters the stage with this song, and in this case the stage was posed like a boxing ring in the middle of the hall. Every time I get goose bumps when I hear this intro! Then the first two tracks followed from the new record: „That Was Just Your Life“ and „The End Of The Line“. And the tracks are like METALLICA should be: fast, heavy and loud! METALLICA are definitely back and they are as good as always! During the next song the audience also started to rock, because everybody in the hall knew „The Thing That Should Not Be“. The tracklist on the whole was very well chosen. Of course “Death Magnetic” was presented by several songs – no big surprise for a cd-release party –


but beside a few classic songs there were also some songs played that haven`t been played in Europe for a very long time. Of course the event should be like a “thank you” for the fans and James said this in a little speech. Then the song „Of Wolf And Man“ from the „Black Album” followed. When the track „One“ was played, it became clear, why the drums were positioned on a round platform in the middle of the stage: It could be turned around 90 degrees. After another track from the new record, „Broken, Beat And Scarred“, James wanted to know from where the audience have arrived to see the gig. Besides a few not-surprising “Berlin” shouts there was also one “Sweden” one and James commented that with a grinning “Then you had to swim quite far”. After “Cyanide” the song “Frantic” was played, before he finally presented the band to us. But honestly: Probably the audience knows the band better than the one or another relative! After “Until It Sleeps” the drums were turned around 90 degrees again. We could see Lars from the back now and during the songs „Wherever I May Roam“ and „For Whom The Bell Tolls“ it was possible to observe his work with the legs.


Then with „The Day That Never Comes” the first single of “Death Magnetic” followed, before the guys said goodbye with „Master Of Puppets“ and „Blackened“ – and here Lars was turned around again for a last time, so that also the rest of the audience could see him from the front. But METALLICA would never enter a stage to play a show for under 2 hours! For this reason – after a few fans had already left the hall to get back home – the guys played an encore with „Blitzkrieg“, „Jump In The Fire“ and “Seek And Destroy“. But before that James wanted to check out the audience and ordered bright light. But he didn`t like the light. After the last accord the audience as well as the band could leave the hall satisfied to travel back home. The ones who have never seen this band live before, they really don´t know what they have missed until now, and also the sound of the new O2 World Arena must be emphasised at this point. Despite the brachial sound volume it was always clear and a pleasure for all ears! In this sense: No remorse! See you on the next tour!

Text: .Axel Rose, Sandro Griesbach
Pictures: .Sandro Griesbach
Translation: Lea Sommerhäuser