Interview mit Sammy von Private Line, 28.12.2006, Helsinki/Finland, Ravintola Rytmil
Private Line - das sind fünf Rock`n`Roll-Piraten aus dem hohen Norden, genauer gesagt aus dem finnischen Helsinki. Seit rund 10 Jahren rocken die jungen Männer zusammen und machten auch schon die deutschen Bühnen unsicher. Das sollte bald wiederholt werden, denn rocken das können Private Line. Nun erschien kürzlich das neue Album „Evel Knievel Factor“ der Finnen. Ein Grund mehr sich mit Sänger Sammy in Helsinki zu einem kleinen Plausch zu treffen. Somit machte ich mich am 28. Dezember auf den Weg ins Restaurant Rytmi. Bei Bier und Gummibärchen plauderten Sammy und ich gut 30 Minuten. Anschließend ging es zum Club Kuudes Linja, wo Private Line am selbigen Abend ein Konzert gaben.

L: I`m here in Helsinki and next to me is sitting Sammy from Private Line. How are you doing?
S: I´m doing very good, thanks.
L: And how did you spend the christmas-time?
S: At home. I was doing nothing.
L: Just hanging around…
S: Yeah, laying down and reading some books and staying with my family. Nothing special.
L: Today it´s your last gig for this year. What can we expect this evening from the show?
S: We gonna play some old songs that we haven`t been playing for a very long time. So I think there´re a couple of surprises. (laughing)
L: Okay and what do you do in the last five minutes before you enter the stage?
S: It depends. Normally I`m very nervous and drinking water or beer or something. (laughing)
L: You want to get drunk?
S: No, no! I try not. I don’t want to go on stage when I`m drunk. I can drink afterwards, after the gig. So I try to relax, but normally I´m kinda of stressed before the gig.

L: Your new album “Evel Knievel Factor” has recently been published. Actually I had no chance to listen to it yet…But can you describe in a view words what´s the main difference between “Evel Knievel Factor” and the previous album?
S: Let´s put it this way: I think the rough songs and the heavy songs they´re much more heavier and rougher and the soft songs and kind of ballads they`re much more, you know, you can get the feeling. There`re no limits. I think it´s a very solid album and still there`re many kind of songs and all the songs are very good. I don`t know the difference, but I think it´s simply better. (laughing)
L: I hope you will also play “Broken promised land” (current single) tonight?
S: Yeah, we will.
L: What about the name from the album? It´s just strange…
S: It`s kind of saying. It doesn`t just mean that evel knievel. It`s evel knievel factor. Well, I was the main-producer of the album as well and we recorded basically of our own and we did a lot of things together. And we didn`t have that kind of producer saying this is good and this is not. I was the producer and I had so many things in my response. We had to trust ourselves so much. We were thinking it has to be good or otherwise we didn´t know what we were doing. And it was kind of evel knievel factor, cos we were thinking, if we do the whole album and if it goes all wrong, it´s our own thing. And the Rock`n`Roll is kind of evel knievel factor, too.
L: Your albums have also been published in Japan, Russia and Italy. But what about Germany? You had some gigs there…
S: Yeah. Actually we have to ask that from our manager Toni from King Foo Entertainment. He knows that better. But there was one big boss from Germany checking out the gig in Nosturi Helsinki last month. They`re now checking out which label would be best for us in Germany and as soon as the album is out, we definitely will come there to play. I hope it´s happening very soon.
L: And what about the video-shot to “Broken promised land”? It was shot in America?
S: Yeah, in Las Vegas. I don`t think it´s a perfect video. I had a little different view for the video than the producer and the director. But in the end we had a very good time there. (laughing) Within one week we were shooting that video, just one day and one night, then we had a lot of time. In Los Angeles we did some promo-things. But we had a lot of time to party and to check out the places, you know, like Rainbow-Club. It was nice.
L: I have read that it´s your sister`s fault that you love Rock`n`Roll-music? Are you easily influenced by other persons?
S: Yeah. It´s true. She was listening very much those Rock´n`Roll-things when we were young and that was the first touch with the Rock`n`Roll. And those albums were Vinyls at that time. There weren´t CDs so much. I was always just sitting in my sister`s room and listening those records when she was out and then I finally stole her stereo, yeah. (laughing)
L: What does inspire you in writing your lyrics?
S: Good books, some movies…just anything. But of course just life is such an inspiration. Just everyday life, people…how they act and how they are. Life itself.
L: You and your bandmates do have so many names. That is confusing. But how do you call yourself and the band?
S: Mm, Sami. (laughing) A little bit boring. And Mose. Sometimes they´re using this. I don`t know why. It`s kind of funny. (Lea laughing)
L: And the other guys? How do you call them?
S: Ilari is Ilari or Illy, Illu maybe. And Eliaz is Elku. And Spit is Spit, always. Some time I heard someone called him Juuso, but it was so strange. And Jack is Japa.
L: Okay, and referring to the band´s name: Is it true that a certain commercial has given the inspiration for that name?
S: Just some adult-ad from the newspaper. Nothing special.
L: What is Private Line`s best live-song? What do you think?
S: You know, it changes very much. Sometimes this song feels very good and sometimes that one. But what I like very much…“Evel knievel factor” is a very nice song to play live on stage. From the “21 st. Century Pirates”-album I think “Last night on earth” has always been a really nice live-song and “Little sister” has been very good. And from the new album I like to play “SINdicate”, “Broken promised land” and “Prozac nation” of course. There`re so many. All of our songs.
L: Who is responsible for your styling?
S: Ourselves
L: Also the hairstyle? How long do you need for that?
S: Maybe 15 minutes or something. It depends. But I need a little bit Japa´s help, cos I can´t see so well in the back. But yeah, it`s ourselves and I`m always like “Why the hell I do always have to choose those fucking hard things?” You know, I used to have those spiky hairs and stuff like that.
L: Who is the craziest of you guys and why?
S: Eliaz. He`s living on his own planet. I`ve been playing with him for 10 years and he`s like in his own world. He´s an amazing musician. He can play saxophone, guitar, he can sing very well, he can play piano very well. Everything, you know!? His parents were both church musicians. I don´t know where he has come from. Just from somewhere, from the other side. But he can play any instrument. He`s weird, he´s crazy, but in a nice way. And he`s very kind and he has a crazy sense of humor as well. He can also be kind of scary, if you don´t know him.
L: Do you have any special place here in Helsinki that you always love to go to?
S: Many many. Sooo many places. Of course I like this bar (Ravintola Rytmi) and actually in daytime this is like a Cafeteria more. I used to live here very near by that church over there. (pointing out of the window) I was here almost every day just having a coffee and reading newspapers. I like this place. And the area in that way (again pointing out of the window), there is this ehm…is it sea? Yeah, it´s sea, but…
L: Lake?
S: No, it´s not a lake. It´s…
L: It´s part of the sea.
S: Yeah! Yeah! And around that area you can walk and especially in summertime it`s very nice.
L: What`s your worst gig-memory?
S: (break) It was 1 ½ years ago. We were playing on a festival in a very little place. It´s around 150 kilometres from Helsinki. We were playing there and we were the first band. And we had a gig in Jyväskylä, my former hometown, a night before. And somehow I was partying the whole night and I just lost the time. And when I watched my clock, it was like morning and I had only five minutes to go on the tourbus and get to the gig-place. And I went there and the guys were like “Oh shit!”. I was so wasted. Yeah and it was an aweful gig.
L: If you were a woman for one day, what would you do?
S: I would be in shower…just by myself.
L: What do you think who will win the Eurovision Songcontest for Finland next year?
S: I don´t mind. I don`t care. Shame on me.
L: You never watched that?
S:: Yeah, I did this year when Lordi was there, of course. But I don´t have any favourites.
L: How will you celebrate New Year´s Eve this year?
S: I will be at home. I don´t like those kind of parties. I like of course, if I would be somewhere travelling or have a gig. But I`ve been so much out in Helsinki and New Year´s Eve everybody is partying and tries to get into the bar and so there`re a huge lines in the bars. I think, I prefer to party a day before or a day after. (laughing)
L: But watching the fireworks?
S: Yeah. Why not?
L: Okay, and do you know any German sentences or words?
S: Oh shit. I used to know. My stepfather is from Germany. But no, I don´t remember any. Spit is very good with those. You have to ask him.
L: Have you been to any gigs lately?
S: I was at Negative`s gig in Nosturi a week ago.
L: Yeah, I saw them in Germany some weeks ago.
S: Last summer I saw them and it was like after the last album (Sweet & Deceitful) and now I just wanted to check them out after this album (Anorectic) and it was kind of okay.
L: If you could turn back the time, in which year or century would you live and why?
S: Mm, 1900. I´m a boring guy. (laughing) No, actually I would go to future, yeah.
L: Do you collect anything?
S: Ohh, memories. (laughing) Do you wanna see my porn-collection?
L: Okay, show me. (all laughing) How many movies?
S: Just a few. No, I don´t collect anything.
L: What makes you angry?
S: I tried to quit smoking. I eat a lot of chewing-gum and it makes me angry.
L: But you stopped smoking?
S: I`ve been trying for many years and I don´t smoke for a couple of months and then I smoke some weeks or couple of months and it´s always like that. Smoking and not smoking.
L: At last: What`s your philosophy of life? Do you have any?
S: Just follow your own dreams. Don’t be scared of life. Just see what it gives.
L: Sammy, thank you for the interview!
S: Thank you!

An dieser Stelle auch ein herzliches Dankeschön an Janne von Playgroundmusic für die Organisation!
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