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There are different definitions of talent and even more of the provocative behaviour, but there is only one name of the person, who can summarize these concepts so pretentiously. Rudy Ratzinger - author and ideology leader of the project Wumpscut, wide famous with his deviant personal effect - presents his 11-th album with the quite unequivocal name "Fuckit" - new personal transformation of pain, with the bitter taste of the epoch. What the better reason appear to get in contact with such an extravagant person and to know from the primary source about the psycho aspects of his musical creation, to ask about moral life settings and to try to manage the cause of the "red" orientation of the album symbol. The result – an interview, a virtual conversation that can be named, more or less, verbose - expressed with individual aesthetics and sense, like the look back and challenge for the existence.


Julia: How do you think, why are there so many bad things in the world and does exist, in your opinion, any healing against it?
Rudy: The bad things exist so long in the world until the good is being more simply reached, than the bad - so never. Nothing can be changed, and I would accept it prematurely if I had to / can start here again.

Julia: You are working already for a long time with some mysterious DJ Dwarf.
Rudy: Well, now so enigmatically he isn’t.

Julia: Precisely said, nine albums have appeared till this day under his name, which are named like an enumeration. Tell us, please, more about this collaboration?
Rudy: DWARF is the name of the series, which was brought to life especially for DJs (in 2001, as far as I can remember: the first one was for Wreath Of Barbs). Midget/dwarf, because originally it wasn’t mentioned at all of blowing up a DJ single, in a such way like it has happened during the last years - a newer Dwarf, up to this, can be rather called an independent album.

Julia: In your first song of the new album we hear the citation from the film «The life of the other» - about good human and music. Did this film really so fascinate you?
Rudy: Well recognized - maybe even first. Here is a speech, of course, about the rampage in Finland, but completely independent is mentioned „The life of the other“, which is from the front to back a sensation, I think.

Julia: It is difficult to add up how many albums, singles, special releases, collections, new editions, albums with remixes and so on have appeared under your name. What for is your discography so complicated?
Rudy: The times have changed massively, now exist all possible streams - under other even a vinyl group of buyers, which doesn’t want to have CDs any more. The box has become increasingly more importance during the last years.


Julia: What is for you your creating? Intellectual challenge, the wish to approach yourself to the Great or the passion, to walk there, where other before didn’t dare to go.
Rudy: For me everything is foreign, I just MAKE it. Certainly, it is a talent question, but this concept only by itself is a horror for me. 

Julia: On the cover of "Fuckit" we see hammer and sickle – the main symbol of the communism. What has your new album common with it?
Rudy: It is only one graphic element - and goes back to a simple Freeware font. However, the advancement to the ready graphic arts was not so easy as this reads now.

Julia: But impressed even a name of the song "gulag" - a repression system in the Soviet time. Why is suddenly this Theme?
Rudy: The term was already for years in the drawer, but now it just fits very well.

Julia: Have you already been in Russia or in Siberia?
Rudy: No.

Julia: Are you interested in the history of the Soviet Union the 30-50s years of the last century?
Rudy: Yes, AND HOW. 

Julia: Where did take place the Photo-Shooting for the new album? Who had the honour to play the Soviet girl there?
Rudy: I have got to know Sadie Sicfuk in her quality as a :W: fan in MySpace, then step by step has settled the idea to build her somehow in graphic arts. The concepts Fuckit and Cut To See How Much I Bleed come also from her. The Shooting was somewhere in the USA, however, only she knows where - but be careful, she BITES.

Julia: More than 30 release parties are planned through over Germany and by 5 of them you are also present, in spite of your opinion never make live events. Doesn’t confirm it the expression „never say never„ and that solid opinion could also be changed with the flow of time?
Rudy: Presence at a release party is not a concert, therefore everything remains on the old and proven places.

Julia: How long do you already work with Nina Cording, also famous under the name Yendri?
Rudy: Since 2005.

Julia: You also have your own favourites...
Rudy: You mean the GÖRLS? It seems to me much more reasonable, than to select best top 40 in the pool, then to put in front the other combos.

Julia: It exists the opinion, that your album "Wreath of Barbs" is the best in your music career.
Rudy: Ha, this opinion appears almost to EVERY:W: album. But, here, don’t misunderstand, I personally didn’t mean IT.


Julia: What do you think? Which of your albums is your dearest baby?
Rudy: Can’t say to you, too much like own children in the bowl.

Julia: Where are the moral borders, which you would never cross with your music?
Rudy: Hard to say, hard to say – first of all, because I often don’t meet any statements, I only describe. And then it has nothing to do with morality.

Julia: Is the creative energy, which flows through the artist and the artist itself, a single unity or two different beings?
Rudy: Ha, ask better someone from „a stage bird“, who means, without him will be nothing on this planet.

Julia: How should look, according to your point of view, the perfect society?
Rudy: Something like that doesn’t exist - for people is hard even with a simple DINNER 5x per week to reach the full score.

Julia: How do you handle with your own melancholy attacks and depressive thoughts?
Rudy: I don’t have them.


Julia: Don’t you afraid, that if you will look for a too long in the abyss, it will be reflected in you or absorb yourself totally? 
Rudy: No.

Julia: Do you agree, that hope is the biggest evil, which extends the torture and allows the mind feasible further mock itself?
Rudy: Under some circumstances: yes.

Julia: What do you think about compassion, sympathy and participation to people?
Rudy: I have this absolutely sure– even, when it sounds always quite different. 

Julia: And what do you generally think about the person of the present?
Rudy: The person in itself has changed only a little, since he exists, I think all above. The times now are increasingly more bloodless, and it means already something.

Julia: In one interview you said about the life, that nobody has invited you here and the death will be more profitable. Which sense then do you still see in your following existence here?
Rudy: I see the whole performance here very pragmatically - the sense of living you must search for yourself, that DOES NOT COME just from itself.

Julia: And what is worse if the death or the life is taken away from the person? 
Rudy: It depends on singles. As an atheist you turn, as it said, anyway always in the circle, that is why, when you are dead, you have nothing (more) from it.

Julia: According to which moral laws do you live?
Rudy: To quite moderate ones.

Julia: Is it possible, that everyone will create his own morality and doesn’t destroy with it the social laws of ethic?
Rudy: I think yes, but it’s a long, long way, and then rather the question, haven’t we better the perfection 5x per week... 

Julia: Why do the completely Great humans of this world remain very often misunderstood?
Rudy: Do they that? I do not know it. I am not one of them. Or am I? Yes. No. Yes. HA.

Julia: How close are the philosophical postulates of Friedrich Nietzsche for you and what do you think about his theory of the will to the power?
Rudy: Extremely interesting treatises, but Schopenhauer’s sentence 'the person can do what he wants, but doesn’t want, what he wants' is considerably more important for me. 

Julia: What is, in your eyes, the greatest evil of the 21st century?
Rudy: My God, what YOU everything want to know, HA? Strange, but for me it is 10x better than the everlasting prattle of many your established colleagues... Well: I can’t say, this completely depends on whom you mean / whom you ask etc. etc.


Julia: Which actions or creations could make the single person Great?
Rudy: Adolf Hitler lacked of 'a grain of goodness', said Joachim C. Fest - HE is already lost.

Julia: Where do you see your predestination?
Rudy: I am not sure, if it generally exists, therefore seems to me the Performance here too lapidary.

Julia: Is it destined or every person chooses his way for himself?
Rudy: This touches the same complex: I do not know it. When I get something from a chewing gum machine, who knows, maybe a higher power have the fingers in the play...

Julia: Which dreams in this life should we better renounce?
Rudy: The inaccessible ones. Quite simply actually, more difficult is to recognize the difference to the REALIZABLE. 

Julia: The whole life is pain and the whole life is a war. Is it a solid fact or just an opinion, where everybody decides for itself, what the life means for him?
Rudy: Tjaaa: HERE you are surely RIGHT, everyone must decide it for himself. Generally, I don’t like this all-embracing Wisdom, which arise actually from absurdum, when they are needed: they must be simplified, in other way you use only the words, but don’t understand the sense.

Julia: And finally - what is "The boo"?
Rudy: The Boo is, as said, inspired by Sadie and treats one for :W: very unusual Theme: child abuse. Boo is into English nothing else than Buh in German - an easy, childish word to frighten somebody (just a bit / a little bit more / and also to death, but) – it depends on you, to find a right dose. Other essential information about the song / the sounds, which have brought for the entrance: it became a time to demonstrate to the people, that a cheap Techno Arpeggiator Synth can function very well at a higher level, without disturb anyone with it. Sometimes it should be like this in this Scene, ISN’T IT? Q. E. D, if you ask me.

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