Interview with Sarah (Client B) from Client, Februar 2009 .[ mailer ]

The girls of Client are really unbelievable! Since 2003 they publish new albums in regular intervals. Beside they work as DJs and they even pursue other projects. Now we can be looking forward to the release of their new album “Command” and the video clip to the song “Can You Feel”. Despite a lot of stress Client B took some time to answer our questions and she told us much about their new bass player, touring in a women band and about weapons.


Kerstin:  How are you doing? How has the new year started for you?
Client B: The new year has been so busy I feel I haven't caught up with myself yet! I've been djing abroad, doing lots of interviews and trying to detox from too much over indulgence at Christmas!!!


Kerstin: Your new album “Command” will be released on 6th March. How did you come up with the title? What do you want to command?
Client B: 'Command' is actually one of the words in the song 'satisfaction' and we liked it because it’s such a powerful word, very strict and bossy which is a big part of client! We want to command your attention! Listen to us!!


Kerstin: Emma Fox (Client E) is your new bass player. How does she fit into the band? Which influences did she have on the creation of the new songs?
Client B: Emma is such a talented young lady in her own right.she also plays cello, guitar and is an accomplished songwriter with a great singing voice! She wasn't in client when we recorded the album she joined us for live last summer but it’s been great to work with her so far.


Kerstin: How would you describe the musical development from the first album to the new one, which is already the 4th album.
Client B: I think there has been a logical progression from 'Client' to 'Command'. 'Client' was almost a demo album recorded on a tiny budget.We have always been fans of the joys of home recording but technology has progressed frighteningly fast and using a studio is almost passe now. It’s great to be able to capture an idea and take it to almost studio quality in ones bedroom which is what happened with this album. It was done very quickly, as are all Client albums... No dithering for us! But I think that gives it energy and an edge as opposed to something that has had the life produced from it. I do think it’s apparent that the songs are getting better with each album and we are getting more confident!


Kerstin: Is “Command” a concept album? Can we find a red line in the lyrics?
Client B: The albums are never concept albums. We start the songs and see where they take us! This album had a raw power that we just ran with. We have always wanted to mix obscure electronic backing tracks with a post punk diy sensibility and radio friendly pop songs. This album we started threw in a more dance music element too. Youth helpfully pointed out that we make dance music that was too slow to dance to so we sped this album up!!


Kerstin: Do you have a favourite song on the album?
Client B: The favourite song on the album changes as to what mood I'm in. I'm loving 'Make Me Believe' right now because I've just added it to my dj set!!


Kerstin: You shot a video clip for the song “Can You Feel” in which Client B plays a contract killer. From where did you take the idea to shoot this kind of video?
Client B: We worked out the idea with the video director. We have only made animated videos before so it was nice to have a change and do a 'story'! We are fans of the films of Alfred Hitchcock. We wanted to do a story video for a change and facied ourselves as Hitchcock heroines.We love the twist at the end of the video, like one of his films!!


Kerstin: Why did you choose “Can You Feel”? Does the video clip have a special reference to the lyrics of this song?
Client B: Yes the video was in keeping with the words of the song 'can you feel'. In the video Client B can't feel inside...She has to be diconnected to do what she does....But she allows herself to be led by her destiny.


Kerstin: Do you like to tell an anecdote from the shot?
Client B: It was quite a subversive thrill handling a replica firearm....Not something I advocate as I am a peace loving hippy! It was so heavy which was something I didn't expect and the guy in the video who owns the gun had to bring it in a suitcase, on the train from Leipzig!

Kerstin: You’re soon coming on tour in Germany. What can the audience expect from the shows?
Client B: We are going to be better than ever and I can't wait.

Kerstin: You’re only women in the band. Do you think there are differences in touring with girls than in touring with men?
Client B: In my experience it’s more fun touring with girls. It’s like a girly night out getting ready for the show every night! But its hell for our sound guy when we get synchronized pms and we are all grumpy and short tempered!!


Kerstin: You have been travelling a lot during the last years. Which was the most interesting country in which you played and what have been the most special experiences you made there?
Client B: We fall in love with just about every place we play. We are so lucky to have been able to travel extensively and try out the food. We always look forward to Mexico, our record company thinks we are nuts. They want to take us for fancy sushi and we just want to buy blue corn tortillas and guacumole from the street food sellers.In Italy all the promoters from different regions compete as to who can provide the nicest food... Palermo won last time I seem to remember.


Kerstin: Isn’t it hard to be on the road that often?
Client B: It’s hard and can be frustrating being away from home but I thank my lucky stars... I could be cleaning out the milk fridges in the local supermarket, which was my previous job, so I make the best of every experience. I have my dream job and it’s not fair on the fans if I am miserable so I give it my best and my all every night.


Kerstin: You have also worked together with a lot of other musicians (e.g. Pete Doherty from The Babyshambles). Which collaboration has been the most interesting one?
Client B: We have been very lucky in, who we have collaberated with. The sexiest were Pete and Carl. Tim Burgess is so so sweet and Douglas McCarthy is so naughty and fun. Ralph from Die Krupps made me sing in German and thought it hilarious because I couldn't get my mouth round the words and I got to play live with a full on band (drums, bass, guitar, keys) with the replica boys so I have had many diverse experiences. Martin Gore was the biggest honour though. We asked him just on the off chance never expecting him to say yes so we were blown away when he did! And it was his first recording in his home studio. And he just made 'Overdrive' so amazing. My hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I heard it!


Kerstin: You’re also working as models. Are there any current assignments about which you could tell us anything?
Client B: Ooh I wish....I'm not tall/thin enough its Emily and Mush who are the models!


Kerstin: Working as models probably differs a lot from working as musicians. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this job compared to making music? What are the most interesting aspects of working as models?
Client B: I don't think there is much difference....We travel extensively and pose for a living!! But I sing a bit too!!!


Kerstin: You’re also working as DJs. Do you often have to play your own songs? Is it a strange or a good feeling when people wish to hear your songs?
Client B: Oh I'm absolutely shameless I always play client out! Sometimes I even grab a mic and sing along... Depending on my mood and the occasion, of course!! I do come over all shy when I hear other people playing our songs... it’s a very humbling but lovely experience and just downright strange when I hear it on the radio!!


Kerstin: You’re even responsible for your merchandising. Do you design all your products by yourself or do you work together with other designers?
Client B: We have a fantastic girl called Corinna who is our right hand woman who designs our websites, did our logo and helps us with the merchandising. She also drives us on tour and helps to tour manage us.She is client C, wonderwoman and a really good friend aswell as being a vital member of the client team.

Kerstin: Isn’t it hard to have so many projects?
Client B: It’s so great to be busy!!!

Kerstin: If you have time on your own, what would you mostly like to do?
ClientB: To wind down we catch up with friends and family watch tv and films and I exercise and detox!!!!


Kerstin: Please continue the sentence: Music is…
Client B: Music is my lifeline!
Kerstin: Thanks again for taking your time to answer these questions!

Interview: Kerstin Tschöpe .[ mailer ]